About us


Wine is not a contest.

At Kit’s Underground Wine & Spirits, you don’t need to be an expert (or even have a decent French accent). That’s what we’re here for.

We’ve built a soothing haven away from the bustle of the subway, and provide friendly service that gives you what you need, whether it’s a Tuesday night red, a picnic wine for the park, a geek bottle for your favorite expert, or something your parents will like.

So stop in, hit the $15-and-under table or pause to browse our handwritten bottle tags, talk to us about what you’re cooking, and definitely join our rewards program. We’re here for whatever you may need—so you can worry about more important stuff.


Owner Kit Pepper writes a brief description for every wine she selects for the shop, so you know the key features of each, what it tastes like, and what foods it’s best with. After a career in book publishing, she became the buyer for Astoria’s first boutique wine shop. She still edits the occasional wine book. Kit holds the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma in Wine and Spirits, and is a Certified Wine Educator of the Society of Wine Educators.

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