Red Is for Winter? Not These!

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Red Is for Winter? Not These!

Who wants a cozy, rich red when it’s 90 degrees? Me neither. Save those for late-October nesting season. But folks who have a strict “no reds” policy for summer might be missing out.

In red wine it’s the higher alcohol (which warms you) and tannin (which pairs so well with heavy, fatty foods) that we love so much in winter. The bigger, richer, and redder the better. But in summer if you reverse that equation—and go for lower alcohol, light-bodied, low tannin wines—you get a red that can be chilled and has the effect of cool cranberry juice on a hot day. Chill it about half as cold as you would a white wine or rosé. Here are some suggestions—all great with a picnic or grilling.


Mouton Noir Horseshoes & Handgrenades, US, $20.99

Feuerheerd’s Anchor Wine, Portugal, $12.99

Natte Valleij Cinsault, South Africa, $20.99

Bura Plavac, Croatia, $18.99

Laura Aschero Rossese, Italy, $32.99

Pittnauer Pitti, Austria, $16.99

Mas Barrau Cabernet Franc, France, $13.99

Tsoin Tsoin Bourgueil, France, $20.99

Sirkel Pinotage, South Africa, $19.99

J. Brix Grenache, US, $29.99